VIGIPLUS has an autonomous module for the management and Control of Accesses of persons or vehicles to a site or building. For sporadic access, there is a Visitor Management module. As a common complement of both modules, there is a Design-and-Management-Accreditation system.

The Access-Control software is a tool to control the traffic of people or vehicles in a facility protected by card or plate readers. Any tagging or attempt to access will be reflected in a history database allowing manifold types analysis of such as access history of a given person, people who have accessed a particular site, access attempts by unauthorized persons, etc..

This is a standalone application that integrates into the system VIGIPLUS (Security Comprehensive Control) with open protocol, so you can work with all types of readers with bi-directional communication. The maximum number of cards depends on the specific constraints of the terminals readers.

It comprises two main modules: the Management System and the Communications Controller. The operation can be either as a completely independent system or integrated with the visitor modules and / or the accreditations.

It enables the connection, in the same communication bus, of both access-control and presence-control readers.

The system includes maintenance functions and programming of cards and readers, as well as logging functions and display of the operations performed with the application.