Over its nearly 20-year history, DESICO © has participated in many security-integration projects, providing more than 4,000 licenses of different kinds and varied scopes.

The purpose of this information is general presentation for potential customers wishing to verify the experience of the company. In no case should it be relied upon as a rigorous presentation of projects, details of which are kept strictly confidential in line with our Privacy policy.

We thank all of our customers for having put their trust both in us and in our products. It is not intended here to give an exhaustive list of customers and we apologize in advance for undue omissions. We are proud of the business relationships we have developed over the years and all of our clients both large and small are equally important to us.

For questions about commercial or technical issues, please contact our sales department to discuss your specific project.

We have at our Customer's and Integrator's disposal a number of rooms for product presentation. Please contact our sales department to arrange a presentation tailored to your needs.