The A2002 module is an electronic card that performs the function of controlling up to two terminals card readers. It works integrated with the Substation that is connected with the control bus, which allows operational autonomy, being independent from the management computer.

The module allows the automatic disconnection of the card bus in case of failure, and also enables the remote control of the connection and disconnection to that bus through the monitoring system.

Physically speaking, it is modular with regard to the terminal readers, allowing to separate the latter from the driver at a distance that varies depending on the technology used.

It is designed to fully control the access to a door with two readers or two doors with one reader each. To this end, it has by duplicate the following autonomous devices: Interface with terminal, input for door-open detector, input for button for manual opening and relay output for open-door orders.


Each substation supports up to 32 modules of this type. They can be mixed with the rest of computers that connect to the bus, then being 32 the total number of connected elements. Each A2002 can have connected 2 terminal readers and the capacity of the system as a whole is:

  • Nbr user cards: >5000 (dynamic memory)
  • Hours: 32
  • Access Levels: 64



Technically, you can connect terminals of any technology with data output of the types Clock-Data, Wiegand-26 or Wiegand-32.



It operates on 12-Vdc external power, with a consumption of 45 mA when in standby mode and a maximum consumption of 175 mA. It also has a voltage alarm and analogue telemetry of the same.



The bottom of the equipment is prepared for easy installation on a DIN-standard mounting rail. The connection is made via pluggable terminal block.


Reader terminals 2
Type readers ClockData, Wiegan26, Wiegan32
Nbr user cards > 5000 (dynamic memory)
Hours 32
Access Levels 64
Tamper alarm inputs 1
Direct. occupation of Substation 1
Maximum number of modules per Substation 32
Nominal power consumption in standby 45 mA
Maximum consumption 175 mA
Power 12  ±1 Vcc
Installation Cable approved for RS485, according to ANSI EIS/TIA-485, on Shielded Twisted-Pair (STP) Cables, 0.35 mm section and low capacity (40 to 60 pF / m).
Connection 3 1.5-mm pluggable terminal blocks
Dimensions (W x H x D) 153,0 x 105,5 x 24,0 mm
Anchor Type DIN rail ( 35 mm symmetric)
Weight (including terminals) 214,4 gr
Temperature range -10 < > +90 ºC
Non-condensing maximum humidity 90 %


♦ Programmable work parameters

♦ open-door and opening alarm times.

♦ Operating modes

  • Autonomous: independent from computer operation.
  • Interim: controls the installation code. (Used in P.E.M.)
  • Dedicated: access permission depends on the computer.
  • Remote opening through Access software from the control computer.
  • Control of Patrols: As a round point with identification.
  • Enable / disable Intrusion partitions. Direct and independent access to the intrusion system to enable or disable zone groups (partitions)


♦ Bus: Status of the connection with the control bus.

♦ Power supply: Indicates power status and equipment failure.

♦ Tamper: Status of the tamper alarm of the cabinet module

♦ Relay: Activation status of the door-opening relays.

♦ Buttons: Status of the keys to open manually the door.

♦ Door Sensor: Status of the open-door magnetic detector.

♦ Reader Control

  • Displays reading activity
  • Control presence of card in the reading area.
  • Access-denied indicator.
  • Access-granted indicator.