The A2003 reader controller is the main system unit designed to run standalone.

This unit is responsible for storing data for access control (list of users), maintaining the history-logs of the events of the system, allowing or denying access based on the defined settings and provides a web interface for configuration of the entire system.

It communicates with the auxiliary through a standard RS485 bus.

It fully supports Vigiplus thus allowing its integration in advanced projects.

It also provides the function of instant image capture (snapshot) controlled by the tagging events from IP cameras that incorporate this feature.


Each A2003 equipment supports up to 32 x A2003L door-modules, or 16 x A2003L2F*.

*The number of access points is unlimited while having IP addresses for each A2003


The A2003 controller comunicates with control software through Ethernet RJ45 10/100Mbit port.

The A2003 controller incorporates 4 RS485 ports allowing a star output topology to A2003L/A2003L2F door modules. Door modules can also be linked by daisy chain type wiring up to 32 module addreses in total, between the sum of the 4 output RS485 buses.

  • 12Vcc
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Tamper Zone
  • Auxiliar RS485-Bus activity
  • RS485-Bus activity (L1) A2003L module
  • RS485-Bus activity (L2) A2003L module
  • RS485-Bus activity (L3) A2003L module
  • RS485-Bus activity (L4) A2003L module

Powered by 12-VDC external power, with a maximum consumption of 350 mA.

  • SMD technology.
  • High-capacity solid state memory.
  • Possibility of PoE incorporated.
  • Stand-alone.
  • Compatible with Vigiplus.
  • Event-driven image capture via http.
  • Input for NC opening sensors (Tamper).
  • LED Indicators for diagnosis during startup.
  • Compact design for easy installation on standard DIN rail

The base of the equipment is provided with a locking with spring force for assembly on standard DIN rail.

Number of Users
Up to 25,000
Number of Events Up to 100,000
Number of Schedules Hasta 64 de 7 días + Festivo
Number of Holidays Up to 20
Image Capture Up to 2 cameras different IP (JPEG of max. 32k)
A2003L/A2003L2F Door module
Up to 32/16
Type of Control Bus RS485 Bus
A2003 Access controllers
Tipo de enlace Ethernet RJ45 10/100Mbit
Maximum consumption 350 mA
Power 12  ±2 Vcc or POE
Installation Cable approved for RS485, ANSI EIS/TIA-485 compliant, on Shielded Twisted-Pair (STP) Cables, 0.35 mm section and low capacity (40 to 60 pF / m).
Connection 3 1.5-mm pluggable terminal blocks.
Dimensions (W x H x D) 101,0 x 105,5 x 24,0 mm
Anchor Type DIN rail ( 35 mm symmetric )
Weight (including terminals) 102,0 gr
Temperature range -10 < > +55 ºC
Non-condensing maximum humidity 93%


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