The A2003L module is an interface device designed to control a single door (path).

It has a multi-standard connection for the reader head (keyboard, biometric) as well as an isolated relay output to use as an actuator in the electric strike.

Also incorporates a local power output for operating the reader head and another for feeding the striker.

You can link up to 32 x A2003L to a single A2003 access controller, or up to 30 x A2003L to a single A2003F controller.


Each A2003L allows:

  • A multi-standard reader terminal
  • An isolated relay output
  • A power-supply output  for the reader terminal
  • A power-supply output for the electric strike
  • A switch input
  • A zone input
  • A Tamper input

*You can connect up to 32 A2003L units using the RS485 bus.


The A2003L has a RS485 port that allows connection to other A2003L equipment and up to a total of 32 equipments via the control bus.

The A2003L also has a pin-terminal strip for connecting access terminals made of diverse technologies. Supported access terminals are: Wiegand 24, 32, 128, RS232 or RS485.

  • 12Vcc
  • Switch activity
  • Tamper Zone
  • RS485-Bus activity A2003L module or A2003 controllers
  • Access Terminal Activity
  • Relay activity
  • Zone status
  • Multistandard reader-head connection.
  • Input for door-opening detector.
  • Manual open push-button input.
  • Isolated relay contacts NO, NC and Common.
  • 12V power output for the reader head.
  • 12V power output for the strike.
  • Input for NC opening sensors (Tamper)
  • LED Indicators for diagnosis during startup.
  • Made ​​with high quality materials.
  • Compact design for easy installation on standard DIN rail.

The base of the equipment is provided with a locking with spring force for assembly on standard DIN rail.

Reader Terminals
Type of Readers Wiegand 24, 32, 128, RS232 y RS485
Tamper alarm inputs
Zone input 1
Button input
Switching Capacity of opening relay Hasta 10A (NC o NA)
Maximum output current of the reader header
Maximum output current of the strike 500mA
Type of Control Bus RS485 Bus
Maximum consumption 180 mA
Power 12  ±2 Vcc
Installation Cable approved for RS485, according to ANSI EIS/TIA-485, on Shielded Twisted-Pair (STP) Cables, 0.35 mm section and low capacity (40 to 60 pF / m).
Connection 3 1.5-mm pluggable terminal blocks
Dimensions (W x H x D) 67,0 x 105,5 x 24,0 mm
Anchor Type DIN rail ( 35 mm symmetric )
Weight (including terminals) 102,0 gr
Temperature range -10 < > +55 ºC
Non-condensing maximum humidity 93%
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