VIGIPLUS' Module for Access Control is a tool used to control the traffic of people or vehicles in an enclosure protected by card or number-plate readers. Any tagging or attempted access is recorded in a database for further monitoring and analysis.

Features summary:

  • READERS: For cards of any technology and vehicle number-plate readers.
  • LOCAL NETWORK: Networking, allowing multiple Access-Management Modules and / or Communications Management modules. This feature allows you to distribute the access-control equipment among different points, according to the needs of each facility.
  • SECURITY CODE: Management of security codes (PIN) associated with the card or with the reader.
  • ANTIPASSBACK: Antipassback management, depending on the technology of the reader and on the characteristics of the project.
  • HOURS: Time Control of the accesses to certain areas of the facility.
  • ACCESS LEVEL: Management of access levels, groups of cards and / or readers up to 32 levels.
  • ACCESS PATHS: Management of access paths, which allows you to define access routes within a facility, indicating the areas where a particular card can access.
  • TRANSMITTER: Door opener either by automatic tagging or manually from the checkpoint.
  • PEOPLE SEARCH: Quickly find the location of a person within a controlled access area.
  • OCCUPATION: Indicates those present at the building, detailed by area.
  • PRESENCE TIME: Acquisition of taggings and events from the presence-control readers.
  • ALARM: Management of alarms produced in the different readers of the facility (door alarm, door forced, etc ...).
  • HISTORY LOG: Storage capacity that can be defined depending on the facility, allowing both screen and printed queries according to different simultaneous criteria: between dates, by reader, card, event or occurrence, by company, department, etc.
  • PHOTOS: There are two functions, one relating to the presentation of the picture associated with the card and another related to the capture of images from an external camera. This sub-module must be accompanied by appropriate hardware in what respects to image capture.
  • VIEW PHOTOS: Allows displaying the picture associated with the card that accesses through certain readers.
  • ACCREDITATION: Design and print of badges.