VIGIPLUS' Module for Managing Visits is a tool for monitoring, reporting and accreditation, in the most appropriate hardware, of the visitors to an area.

Feature summary:

  • LOCAL NETWORK: Networking, which allows multiple Visitor-Management modules to be synchronized.
  • KEY ACCESS: The systems is locked by a hierarchical logon password to prevent unauthorised access.
  • ACCREDITATION: Issuing and design of accreditation cards both for employees and visitors. The system allows up to ten models of accreditation, selectable at the time of printing.
  • PHOTO: Capturing the image of the visitor by video camera, scanner, or by other specific devices.
  • DATA (OCR): Automatic Reading of data from any ID or accreditation document.
  • SCHEDULED VISIT: It allows programming the visitors expected in the facility from different computers distributed throughout the facility.

Operational description:

The Visitor-Management module is designed for a quick and intuitive operation, so it has a main window where you can perform the most common command orders: management of entries and exits of visitors, generation of accreditations and check-out of the available capacity at a given time.

You can quickly obtain information about people who are in the facility at every moment, visitors registered during a given period of time, visits by a particular person, etc.