The Configurator is the development tool that lets you define a project designing both the supervision and control model by defining:

  • Views or synoptic charts for creating different screens to represent the facility.
  • Dynamic symbols for representing the states or values of the sensors.
  • Definition of analogue and digital signals that will be involved in the monitoring process.
  • Logic-signal simulator for off-line verification of the defined model.
  • Library of symbols predefined as icons, which represent in a graphic manner the most common elements of a facility.

VIGIPLUS includes a graphical editor to configure the user interface tailored to the needs of the project, being able to define the following objects or features:

  • Zoom enabling close examination.
  • Views allowing different displays on the same view.
  • Layers for selective presentation of items.
  • User-definable Icons.
  • Integration of virtually unlimited equipment (65000 connections / equipment).
  • Classes: Patterns for defining ways of working.
  • Groups that allow defining group performances.
  • Graphic and hypertext Instructions.
  • Models: Groups of symbols.
  • Counters for quick system monitoring.