VIGIPLUS has a graphical user interface that displays the views of the facility as static or synoptic elements, placing on the highest level the layer of dynamic elements that reflect the state of the different monitored equipments .

Libraries of fixed or animated Icons for representing computers. You can define dynamic elements with geometric shapes to suit the design requirements.

It has a structure of Layers and Zoom for more detailed display representation, being able to associate events with areas.

There are dynamic models for representing objects associated with instructions, states and common operation.

Multi-screen technology allows the definition of different scenarios for CCTV surveillance: Virtual Array of specific monitors per each remote site (2x2, 3x3, 1 +5, etc.)


Design of scenaris that can be adapted during session-time to the monitoring needs, changing format at operator's will or as a reaction to an event occurred at the facility. To this end, integration with different VideoWall models is available.

You can also reserve other information areas on the screen together with the graphic interface:

  • Chat between stations.
  • Background Log.
  • News not associated with events.
  • Counter of the state changes (alarms, failures, etc.)
  • Situations (day, night, emergency, personal leave, etc.)
  • Measures for monitoring and maintenance of the associated logic.
  • Control of Patrols