VIGIPLUS is a configurable and modular Monitoring and Control software, which allows customisation of any type of installation, providing the tools necessary to establish the appropriate user-machine Interface for monitoring, modification, visualization and control of any type of event from security systems.

VIGIPLUS is specifically designed for Comprehensive Security Control, with an open protocol developed for operating in multi-tasking environment in an object-oriented language and using the latest software.

VIGIPLUS seamlessly integrates with any specific electronics, thus giving system designers complete freedom in deciding the most appropriate hardware to meet some specific requirements, both technical and budgetary.

VIGIPLUS competitively allows any type of project through the implementation of standard modules in the package. When designing the structure of VIGIPLUS we have taken into account that projects that by its unique features can not be implemented directly with the standard package and must therefore be adapted to meet particular requirements. Modularity and ability to link and communicate with other environments allow the adaptation to any project at a competitive price with optimum functionality.

VIGIPLUS basically consists of two major kinds of programs or modules, grouped by their function:

  • Alarms Security Control (SCADA)
  • Access Control, Accreditation and Visitor Management.

The system uses high-quality synoptic-dynamic active graphics, allowing to represent effectively the elements under supervision and / or control. Such synoptics or drawings show, with pre-defined shapes and colours, the status of the various elements of the installation.

VIGIPLUS' SCADA module consists of a development and customisation tool called Configurator and of a Run-Time, which in turn is composed of a base Core to which a series of optional modules can be added to cover the specific needs of a given installation.

VIGIPLUS has an extensive list of communication protocols with key security and automation equipment. A permanent development team ensures updating drives and new designs with state-of-the-art equipment.